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The Alpaca  is a domestic camelidae from South America.

Its hair has a great commercial value due to the characteristics of  the  knit-wear  that can be made with it. It’s the ideal fiber to make clothing.    .

Because of  her   upbringing in the Andina altitudes of Bolivia, Peru and the southern part of Chile, this noble camelidae has created a big  thermal   capacity and resistance  carrying  in its  fiber air microscopic bags, condition that allows us to make both light and  thermal  clothing.

Kaltakun has chosen the alpaca and the sheep wool  to express an original design inspired in the simplicity of  the natural comfortable  pieces of clothing,complemented  with   brooches  and  buttons made on our own.

Kaltakun that means woolen cothing in  Mapudungun  is an enterprise that was  founded   in 1988  by a group of  handcraft weavers dedicated to fabricate  showls and scarves knitted with a loom. Through the years Kaltakun has varied its designs and currently it fabricates a wide  range  of clothing for men  and women which are mostly made by hand.

Thanks to this constant innovation and renovation we have been able to satisfy the
demand of the national market and also   expand  over  our borders to countries like
Japan and Sweden.

In Chile we suply  an important amount of clients like department stores and boutiques. And we also have a store in Santiago, in Bellavista Patio where you can appreciate our designs and the new season clothing.


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